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You need a friend: someone who will listen to your story without judgment and offer real help. Whether you're dealing with an unexpected pregnancy or post-abortion stress, our mentors are here to befriend you and offer our free, confidential services.

Ultrasound Tests

Schedule an appointment for a free limited ultrasound screening. The process is simple, non-invasive and confidential.

Maternity Resources

From maternity clothes to diapers, we can help you with the things you need. Plus, we have information to help you through this time in your life.

Classes & Supplies

Find out about prenatal care, parenting, infant care, nutrition, relationship building, and how to make healthy life choices. Participate in one of our parenting classes (for both men and women) to receive maternity and baby supplies from our store.


Have you had an abortion? Would you like to talk to someone who understands and will help you deal with what you’re experiencing? For women who have had an abortion, there are many conflicting emotions. You may not have been prepared for these feelings.

We have mentors who are trained to help women deal with the many issues they face after an abortion. Come to the center to talk with a friend who will listen to your story and offer confidential, non-judgmental help.